People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons. There may have been a recent crisis in your life, or the problems you're having could be related to something which has happened in the past. Perhaps it’s hard to figure out what's wrong. You may not be entirely sure what is wrong, but you know that something doesn't feel right. You may be feeling overwhelmed by emotion, or feeling numb.


Whatever your reasons for seeking counselling, I want to offer you the experience of a supportive and collaborative relationship to help you to understand and accept what is going on for you. We can also explore aspects of your past which may seem too difficult to talk about with friends or family, or perhaps you feel that there isn't anyone to talk to about what you're experiencing. By understanding ourselves better we can start to become less caught up in unhelpful behaviours and thoughts, and move forward in altering the way that we may perceive situations in our lives. 


I will help you to identify, explore and understand the possible causes of your difficulties and together we will work to develop ways of thinking and behaving to enable you to live your life more fully.


Although counselling cannot offer a 'quick fix' it can help us to achieve insight and understanding about why we might be struggling with life. It is through that understanding that we can learn to change our patterns of behaviour and also come to accept ourselves more fully.

What is Counselling?

CMP Counselling - Chrissy Poynts

I have worked within counselling for 7 years, and I am a fully qualified Integrative therapist. I have worked with a variety of different client groups, and continue to work within counselling organisations alongside my private practice. [Read More...]

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